Explaining Systems with Pyramids


A pyramid is a powerful and easily understood metaphor for things building upon each other.  Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is the most popular of these metaphors:






Since then, perhaps because of the familiarity of Maslow, the pyramid has  been used to explain other systems, like Stephen P Anderson’s




Here are a couple of mine. This first one is classic Maslow, though I do raise the question of, “Do you really need the the most “evolved” team every time?” The pyramid seems to indicate that we always want to get to the top….


From Design the Team You Need to Succeed

This one is an early design, and I’m mixing up a metaphors a bit, using both the three sided metaphor and the pyramid metaphor. Shudder.

from my presentation essays

This is just me goofing around on twitter.

and a joke. Kind of.